ISO/AWI 19884-1
Gaseous Hydrogen - Pressure vessels for stationary storage — Part 1: Part 1: general requirements
Reference number
ISO/AWI 19884-1
Edition 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 19884-1
A working group has prepared a draft.


Click or tap here to enter text. This document specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture and testing of pressure vessels to meet the performance criteria at the time of installation for the stationary storage of gaseous hydrogen. Fabricated of seamless metallic or welded construction (Type 1) or of composite construction (Types 2, 3, 4 and 5) regardless of reinforcement (metallic or non-metallic). This document is not applicable to pressure vessels used for: a) solid storage matrix for hydrogen, b) liquid hydrogen or, c) hybrid cryogenic high-pressure hydrogen storage applications. This document is not applicable to closures, valves, fittings, plugs or external piping.

General information

  •  : Under development
    : New project registered in TC/SC work programme [20.00]
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  • ISO/TC 197
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