Telemedicine, electronic patient files, mobile fitness apps and similar software solutions bear great potential for improving people's well-being. Standards for health-related IT applications enhance data interoperability, security, and user experience, facilitating better patient care and medical research.


The fundamentals of telemedicine equipment

As a healthcare provider embarking on the telehealth journey, don’t be daunted by the bewildering array of telehealth devices available. Instead, let’s examine how investing in these essential tools can help optimize your telehealth services.

Healthcare’s digital transformation: Telemedicine, data protection and cybersecurity

Health is what we all have in common. When it’s protected, it empowers people to prosper; but when it’s neglected, it can have devastating consequences, not just for individuals but for entire communities.

Tech-enabled healthcare: How innovations are shaping the future of medicine

Health connects each one of us to one another. No matter where we are in the world, who we are or what we do, the state of our health is a key determinant in our quality of life. 

Top standards

IEC 81001-5-1:2021
Health software and health IT systems safety, effectiveness and security
Part 5-1: Security

Activities in the product life cycle

IEC 62304:2006
Medical device software
Software life cycle processes
ISO/TR 80002-2:2017
Medical device software
Part 2: Validation of software for medical device quality systems