ISO/AWI 16890-5
Air filters for general ventilation — Part 5: Measurement of fractional efficiency and air flow resistance for flat sheet filter media
Reference number
ISO/AWI 16890-5
Версия 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 16890-5
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This part of ISO 16890 specifies the aerosol production, the test equipment and the test methods used for measuring fractional efficiency and air flow resistance of flat sheet media used in air filters for general ventilation. It is intended for use in conjunction with ISO 16890- 1, ISO 16890- 2, ISO 16890- 3 and ISO 16890- 4. The test method described in this part of ISO 16890 is applicable only for air velocities between 0,05 m/s (10 ft/min) and 0,67 m/s (133 ft/min), referring to a test rig with a minimum nominal face area of 0,09 m2 (1 ft2). ISO 16890 (all parts) refers to particulate air filter elements for general ventilation having an ePM1 efficiency less than or equal to 99 % and an ePM10 efficiency greater than 20 % when tested as per the procedures defined within ISO 16890 (all parts). This part of the standard is limited to the media used in these filter elements. Air filter media outside of this scope are evaluated by other applicable test methods, (see ISO 29463-3). The performance results obtained in accordance with ISO 16890 (all parts) cannot by themselves be quantitatively applied to predict performance in service with regard to efficiency and lifetime. The results of this test should not be assumed to predict filter performance based on the media flat sheet testing.

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