Draft International Standard
ISO/DIS 17438-5
Intelligent transport systems — Indoor navigation for personal and vehicle ITS stations — Part 5: Requirements and message specification for central ITS station (C-ITS-S) based positioning
Reference number
ISO/DIS 17438-5
Версия 1
International Standard
ISO/DIS 17438-5
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Scope of the proposed deliverable. This document defines requirements and message specifications for central ITS station (C-ITS-S) based positioning. This document defines: a) use-cases and requirements for central ITS station (C-ITS-S) based positioning b) message specifications for central ITS station (C-ITS-S) based positioning regarding with the defined use-cases and requirements. - The specifications include the data model and encoding of messages between personal/vehicle ITS stations(P/V-ITS-S) and the central ITS station (C-ITS-S) for the central ITS station(C-ITS-S) based positioning - The data model and encodings based on the defined message specifications include schema, data type, codelists and so on. c) Also, some informative annexes for better understanding of the scope and contents of the document.

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