ISO/ASTM 52933:2024
ISO/ASTM 52933:2024
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This document specifies a test method for measuring hazardous substances emitted during the operation of material extrusion type AM machines commonly used in the non-industrial places and includes non-normative suggestions for ways to reduce them.

This document specifies some of the main hazardous substances emitted from this type of machine during operation for currently commonly used materials, it describes the additional information and the associated test method for measuring hazardous substances, and includes considerations for reducing the hazardous substances and basic countermeasures.

This document specifies how to measure concentrations of hazardous substances generated in the non-industrial places (school, public place and so on) in which this type of machines are installed, and to maintain an acceptable work environment by managing field facilities, machines, filaments, and additive manufactured products for the reduction of hazardous substances.

However, this document does not cover all gas-phase chemical emissions. Only a range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from n-hexane to n-hexadecane, including aldehydes are included. Considerations for reducing chemical emissions and for improving the work environment are given in Annexes A and B.


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     : 2024-03
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