International Standard
ISO 15118-1:2019
Road vehicles — Vehicle to grid communication interface — Part 1: General information and use-case definition
Reference number
ISO 15118-1:2019
Версия 2
International Standard
ISO 15118-1:2019
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Опубликовано (Версия 2, 2019)

ISO 15118-1:2019

ISO 15118-1:2019
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This document, as a basis for the other parts of the ISO 15118 series, specifies terms and definitions, general requirements and use cases for conductive and wireless HLC between the EVCC and the SECC.

This document is applicable to HLC involved in conductive and wireless power transfer technologies in the context of manual or automatic connection devices.

This document is also applicable to energy transfer either from EV supply equipment to charge the EV battery or from EV battery to EV supply equipment in order to supply energy to home, to loads or to the grid.

This document provides a general overview and a common understanding of aspects influencing identification, association, charge or discharge control and optimisation, payment, load levelling, cybersecurity and privacy. It offers an interoperable EV-EV supply equipment interface to all e-mobility actors beyond SECC.

The ISO 15118 series does not specify the vehicle internal communication between battery and other internal equipment (beside some dedicated message elements related to the energy transfer).

NOTE 1 Electric road vehicles specifically are vehicles in categories M (used for carriage of passengers) and N (used for carriage of goods) (compare ECE/TR ANS/WP.29/78 ev.2). This does not prevent vehicles in other categories from adopting the ISO 15118 series as well.

NOTE 2 This document is destined to orientate the message set of ISO 15118‑2 and ISO 15118‑20[1]. The absence of any particular use case in this document does not imply that it will not be put into practice, with the required messages.

NOTE 3 This document, ISO 15118‑2 and ISO 15118‑20 are designed to work independent of data transfer medium used. However, the ISO 15118 series is made for fitting the specified data link layers in the corresponding documents in this series.

[1] Under preparation. Stage at the time on publication: ISO/DIS 15118-20:2019.

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     : 2019-04
    : Систематический пересмотр между-народного стандарта [90.20]
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