When disasters strike

Disasters often strike without warning and leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

Yet armed with the right tools, the chances of getting through the toughest circumstances are improved. We look at some of the deadly hazards we’ve been exposed to, and how standards can help us to prepare for, and react in, many of life’s most unpredictable scenarios.

Июль/Август 2015

When disasters strike

We look at some of the deadly hazards we’ve been exposed to, and how standards can help us to prepare for many of life’s most unpredictable scenarios.

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Charting the road to resilience

So what’s the solution ? To ensure that we remain secure and resilient , it is vital that organizations increase their risk awareness, undertake risk reduction strategies, and become resilient to the constantly evolving threats by developing foolproof ways of rapidly and effectively responding to these challenges. And International Standards based on global cooperation are part of this answer.

We caught up with Åsa Kyrk Gere, the new Chair of ISO/TC 292, Security, whose secretariat is held by SIS, the ISO member for Sweden, to find out the plan for a more resilient future.

There are plenty of opportunities for ISO/TC 292 to do good work.

Åsa Kyrk Gere, Chair of ISO/TC 292

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