Leisure and tourism services, смотри 03.200
Motorcycles, смотри 43.140
Cycles, смотри 43.150
ICS Поле
97.220.01 Sports equipment and facilities in general
97.220.10 Sports facilities
Including swimming-pools, spas, solaria, sports fields, running-tracks, spectator facilities for sports, etc.
97.220.20 Winter sports equipment
Including ice hockey, snowboard, and ski equipment
97.220.30 Indoor sports equipment
Including equipment for gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, handball, home sports trainers, etc.
97.220.40 Outdoor and water sports equipment
Including equipment for mountaineering, football, tennis, swimming, diving, etc.
Recreational diving services, смотри 03.200.99
Personal flotation devices (life jackets), смотри 13.340.70
Small craft, смотри 47.080
97.220.99 Other sports equipment and facilities