ISO/AWI TS 24815
ISO/AWI TS 24815

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The Customs and Indirect Tax Extension (DIS 5401) defines the functional requirements for exchanging additional customs and indirect tax audit data in flat file tables. This proposal concerns the specification of technical exchange formats in Extensible Markup Language (XML), JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and flat file (CSV) as output file formats for the functional content defined in DIS 5401. Scope of deliverables: Technical guideline XML Schemas XML Sample messages JSON Schemas JSON Sample messages Mapping tables This deliverables are based on the following DIS 5401 tables: BAS_Selection_Period GL_Details_Characteristics SAL_Invoices_Details_CHAR PUR_Invoices_Details_CHAR INV_Product_CHAR INV_Transaction_CHAR INV_Transaction_Associated_DOC These deliverables will be defined in accordance with ISO/TS 21377:2023[Please give more explanation to express that ISO/TS 21377: 2023 helps in a more technical way.][Text revised.], which is the technical specification of the XML and JSON Exchange formats to exchange the audit data on basis of ISO 21378:2019 Audit data collection standard (ADCS). ISO/TS 21377:2023 describes how to create an XML-Schema and JSON-Schema from an ADCS table and describes how to create XML, JSON and CSV files to exchange the audit data. See and

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