ISO/DIS 9351
ISO/DIS 9351


The proposed Standard, based upon a revised and updated EN 12496: 2013 will specify the minimum requirements and give recommendations for the chemical composition, the electrochemical properties, the physical tolerances, and the test and inspection procedures for cast galvanic anodes of aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys for cathodic protection in sea water and saline mud. The Standard will be applicable to the majority of galvanic anodes used for seawater and saline mud applications, i.e. cast anodes of trapezoidal, "D", or circular cross section and bracelet type anodes. The general requirements and recommendations of this proposed Standard may also be applied to other anode shapes, e.g. half-spherical, button, etc., which are sometimes used for seawater applications. Applications for this Standard are in offshore renewables, flood defences, offshore oil and gas, offshore or submarine pipelines, ports and harbours, ships and all applications in which galvanic anodes are used for cathodic protection in sea water and saline muds. Work is proposed to be undertaken in parallel between ISO TC 156 WG 10 and CEN TC 219 WG3, under ISO lead in accordance with the Vienna Convention. This scope is agreed in principle by both parties.

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    77.060 Corrosion des métaux

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