ISO 17689:2015
Systèmes spatiaux — Documents de contrôle d'interface entre les systèmes au sol, l'équipement de soutien au sol et le véhicule de lancement de charge utile
Numéro de référence
ISO 17689:2015
Edition 1
ISO 17689:2015
Annulée (Edition 1, 2015)


ISO 17689:2015 is applied for organizations developing ground support equipment and also for operators performing space activity.

Interface control documents format defined here does not contain the descriptions regarding various properties of ground support equipment (i.e. performance, functions or endurance to launch mechanical environment or quality assurance provisions) which are defined in technical specifications.

Control of interfaces, independently of its frequency or depth, cannot replace stages of parameters definition of high-quality production and development of technical requirements of project, design and development. Interfaces control is used as a control process that can provide necessary verification of successful finishing of design at a stated in contract period.

This International Standard establishes basic requirements for interface control documents (ICD) writing and interface control procedures for the following items included in launch system: payload, launch vehicle, ground support equipment (according to ISO 14625:2007) and launch site (buildings with technical systems). Notably

a) ICD between payload and launch vehicle (according to ISO 15863:2003),

b) ICD between ground support equipment and payload (this International Standard),

c) ICD between ground support equipment and launch vehicle (this International Standard),

d) ICD between items of ground support equipment (this International Standard), and

e) ICD between ground support equipment and launch site (this International Standard).

Informations générales

  •  : Annulée
     : 2015-10
    : Annulation de la Norme internationale [95.99]
  •  : 1
  • ISO/TC 20/SC 14
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