Norme internationale
ISO 22359
Sécurité et résilience — Lignes directrices relatives aux abris durcis
Numéro de référence
ISO 22359
Edition 1
En cours de publication
ISO 22359
Étapes finales du processus d’élaboration (jusqu’à sept semaines).


The proposed standard provides guidelines for hardened protective shelters in terms of their planning, construction, operation and maintenance. It acts as guidance to any activity or operation related to hardened protective shelters and offers help to all relevant stakeholders in their endeavours to protect citizens, assets and important societal functions against harmful effects of hazards, which can be intentionally caused by humans, initiated accidentally or caused through natural conditions. The proposed standard is intended for use by organizations or individuals being responsible for or involved in decision-making, planning, implementation, administration, use or upkeep of hardened protective shelters, such as local, regional and national governments; civil protection agencies; first responders; and businesses such as designers, constructers and equipment suppliers. The proposed standard covers design, construction, exploitation and maintenance of hardened protective shelters. It defines the terms referenced in this document and specifies the parts, features, equipment, actions and responsibilities related to each phase of the life cycle of a shelter. The proposed standard does not cover the minimum requirements or exact specifications for any property of or action related to a shelter, as these normally are detailed in national legislation and regulations of each country. The proposed standard is not a management system standard, but rather a guideline standard that complements existing management system standards and provides guidance to those implementing such standards in the area of civil protection by means of hardened protective shelters. Being a guideline standard, this International Standard is not intended to be used for certification purposes.

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