Riding the bus the smart way

A new standard for digital payment on public transport just published.

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Por Clare Naden
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Oyster, Octopus, Tap n Go, Hop… however you name it, the “smart” digital payment card for public transport is the way to go. But these cards are also very complex pieces of plastic. A new standard for smart transportation will help operators ensure this payment method is safe and convenient for everyone on board.

ISO 37165, Smart community infrastructures – Guidance on smart transportation with the use of digitally processed payment (d-payment), provides guidance on how to organize and implement smart transportation by digitally processed payment (d-payment) in order to provide a safe, convenient payment method for citizens and city visitors.

Not only will it help ensure the system works effectively for travellers, it will aid transport operators in managing fee receipts and transactions between the various players in the network.

The standard even covers the organization of inter-operator, city, regional and national common ticket networks independent of local currencies.

ISO 37165 is available from your national ISO member or the ISO Store.

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