ISO/AWI 20682
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles — Risk and Reliability
Reference number
ISO/AWI 20682
Edición 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 20682
Un grupo de trabajo ha preparado un borrador.


This standard is developed to link product engineering and the successful performance of an autonomous underwater vehicle, especially for “extreme missions”. An extreme mission being a relative term can be seen as any underwater expedition that is increasing in difficulty level. While these vehicles have been and are being manufactured by many companies all around the globe for several decades, their risk of failure, safety, and reliability in the sea is not commonly discussed as a standard summary of information. The scope of this standard is to define the known limitations of AUVs for successfully performing extreme missions. Excluded from this standard are any subjects related to the manufacturing and/ or operation of the following items: • Autonomous underwater gliders (AUGs) as they use a narrowly modifiable set of operational commands. • Batteries for the use of AUVs. • Electrical motors for the use of AUVs. NOTE sensors, communication devices, and any other pieces and parts directly influencing the “digital mission” of the vehicle must be held responsible for its risk of failure and are not excluded from the scope of this standard. The success of a digital mission means that a successful algorithm conducts the vehicle to achieve its sequential and final goal.

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