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ISO/DIS 6143
Gas analysis — Comparison methods for determining and checking the composition of calibration gas mixtures
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ISO/DIS 6143
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ISO/DIS 6143
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ISO/DIS 6143

ISO/DIS 6143
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This International Standard provides methods for

_ determining the composition of a calibration gas mixture by comparison with appropriate reference gas


_ calculating the uncertainty of the composition of a calibration gas mixture in relation to the known uncertainty of

the composition of the reference gas mixtures with which it was compared,

_ checking the composition attributed to a calibration gas mixture by comparison with appropriate reference gas


_ comparing the composition of several calibration gas mixtures, e.g. for the purpose of comparing different

methods of gas mixture preparation, or for testing consistency among gas mixtures of closely related


NOTE In principle, the method described in this document is also applicable to the analysis of (largely) unknown samples

instead of prospective calibration gas mixtures (i.e. gas mixtures which are intended for use as calibration gas mixtures). Such

applications, however, require appropriate care and consideration of additional uncertainty components, for example concerning

the effect of matrix differences between the reference gases used for calibration and the analysed sample.

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