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ISO 24426:2023
Radiological protection — Content of input data for the statistical analysis of dose records of individuals monitored for occupational exposure to ionizing radiation
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ISO 24426:2023
Edición 1
International Standard
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ISO 24426:2023
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ISO 24426:2023

ISO 24426:2023
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The objective of this document is to promote the harmonization of data and information reporting formats in order to provide the basis for the evaluation of occupational exposure with a view to allow for benchmarking capacity at the user level, technical review level, country level and global level (such as UNSCEAR) database or register on occupational exposure. Activity sectors and occupations (where employees are classified as occupationally exposed workers) that is included in this database or register as well as dose types and different values of interest concerning occupational exposure are described as follows.

A typical national dose register (NDR):

     contains personal, employment, and dosimetric data of occupational employment and wage statistics (OEWs) in the country.

     assists national authorities in controlling and safekeeping of the occupational doses and to allow statistical evaluations (e.g., dose trends to answer requests from regulators and others).

     assists in regulatory control by notifying regulatory authorities of overexposures within their jurisdiction and the licensee in their respective facility.

     contributes to health research and to the scientific knowledge on risks from occupational exposure to ionizing radiation.

     provides dose histories to individual workers and organizations for work planning and for compensation and litigation cases.

All information provided by the NDR, including dose histories, may be subject to confidentiality requirements.

This document is aimed at national dose registries but may be also applicable to dosimetry services that provide data to national dose registries.

NOTE            Such a database or register on occupational radiation dose for different sectors will, among other reasons, allow to prepare the data necessary for more global surveys, such as those undertaken by the UNSCEAR and other databases such as IAEA’s Information System on Occupational Exposure in Medicine, Industry and Research (ISEMIR), Information System on Occupational Exposure (ISOE) and the European Platform for Occupational Radiation Exposure (ESOREX‑Platform). Presently, as the formats are different, the international description of national statistics is often incomplete or inaccurate, and in the end, the comparison of data is not established yet in many countries. This standard defines a common and easily shared format to collect reliable, traceable and directly comparable data on individual and collective exposure in activity sectors and occupations as defined in a common way.

This document addresses:

a)       a common list of activity sectors and occupations, and

b)       a common and easily shared format about dose types and different values of interest concerning occupational exposure in order to collect consistent and directly comparable data on individual and collective exposure.

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     : 2023-12
    : Norma Internacional publicada [60.60]
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  • ISO/TC 85/SC 2
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