International Standard
ISO/TR 10358:2021
Plastics pipes and fittings for industrial applications — Collection of data on combined chemical-resistance
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ISO/TR 10358:2021
Edición 2
International Standard
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ISO/TR 10358:2021
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Publicado (Edición 2, 2021)

ISO/TR 10358:2021

ISO/TR 10358:2021
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This document collects available data on combined chemical resistance of thermoplastic materials typically used to manufacture piping components for industrial applications, against fluids over a range of temperatures.

The base thermoplastic materials covered by this classification are:

Polyethylene                                                              PE

NOTE 1        The PE considered in this document corresponds to PE-HD, with a minimum density value of 0,935 g/cm3 (e.g.: PE63, PE80, PE100, PE100-RC, PE-RT).

Polypropylene                                                           PP (PP-R and PP-RCT, PP-H, PP-B)

Polyvinyl chloride, unplasticized                          PVC-U

Polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated                             PVC-C

Polybutylene                                                              PB

Acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene                         ABS

Polyvinylidene fluoride                                          PVDF

NOTE 2        This document considers homopolymer PVDF.

Cross-linked polyethylene                                     PE-X (PE-Xa, PE-Xb, PE-Xc)

Ethylene chloro trifluoro ethylene                       ECTFE

Polyamide, unplasticized                                        PA-U (PA-U11, PA-U12)

NOTE 3        This document focuses on PA-U11 and PA-U12 only, as these long chained PA-U are standardized according to ISO 16486-1; short chained (e.g. PA 66) and plasticized PAs are not used for monolithic plastic piping components.

Polysulfone                                                                PSU

Perfluoralkoxy                                                          PFA

NOTE 4        Temperatures higher than 200°C can be applied after an evaluation with the raw material manufacturer.

Polytetrafluoroethylene                                         PTFE

NOTE 5        Temperatures higher than 200°C can be applied after an evaluation with the raw material manufacturer.



Polyphenylene sulphide                                          PPS

NOTE 6        PPS is new with regards to industrial application and chemical resistance issues; for this reason, manufacturers and end-users are advised to assess the chemical suitability of the material.

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  •  : Publicado
     : 2021-06
    : Norma Internacional publicada [60.60]
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  • ISO/TC 138/SC 3
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