Las normas ISO mejoran la calidad, la compatibilidad y la accesibilidad de las tecnologías multimedia, desde las videoconferencias hasta las experiencias inmersivas. Impulsan la innovación y la interoperabilidad en todo lo relacionado con la grabación y reproducción de imágenes y sonido.


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Record-breaking MPEG takes two Emmy® Awards

Two new Emmys® go to IEC and ISO for their ground-breaking MPEG standards.

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Internet of Media Things to take off with new series of International Standards

The Internet of Things has revolutionized our world by making everyday objects connected, intelligent and interactive. The Internet of Media Things allows media such as video and audio to join the party. A new series of ISO and IEC International Standards will enable the harmonized synchronization that is essential for this phenomenon to grow.

Close-up of girl taking a picture.

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A better picture: International Standard gives photography a new exposure

The new technology of the digital age has made photography easier, faster and less expensive and cameras on smartphones and other sophisticated devices have turned us all into happy snappers. The International Standard for photography ensures that we are all up to speed on image quality – whatever the weather. 

Top standards

ISO 20859:2005
Cinematography - Spectral response of photographic audio reproducers for analog dye sound tracks on 35 mm film
ISO/IEC 23003-6:2022
Information technology
MPEG audio technologies

Part 6: Unified speech and audio coding reference software

ISO 8253-3:2022
Audiometric test methods

Part 3: Speech audiometry